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Although sildenafil and other PDE-5 inhibitors are not labeled for heart failure, it is possible that some clinicians may be prescribing these drugs for their heart failure patients based on the results of preliminary studies, which suggest a benefit. More quick service and businesses that offer prescription drugs online are seeing more business these days. Develop content based on the top keywords related to your business. For example, if you are providing outsourcing services, then try getting links from �industry-related websites (i.e. websites dealing with outsourcing services, maybe your business rivals!). Title has a deep impact on your websites search engine rankings. However, the following attributes are basic and play a major role in procuring top search engine rankings. 4. 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I'm pretty sure that taking Erectile Dysfunction medication (ED meds) is nothing to be ashamed of for and you should not hide this information from your partner rather it is good to keep your partner posted on it. No, good luck to you Moonlake, and thanks for the amazing words of encouragement. Link popularity has assumed tremendous importance for getting good ranks in Google now a days. Yes, if you are interested in getting top ranks in search engines, especially Google, then you must pay effort in building up links for your site. This is important, because if 10 of your rival sites give links to your site, then Google will surely pay importance to your site, because getting links from rival companies are difficult. Also, Google pays importance to the text of the incoming link/anchor text (i.e. the incoming link text must contain high potential, relevant keywords), so develop a link text with title (�indian outsourcing consultant�) which will help you in Google Ranking. 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